Three Signs That Your Home Is In Desperate Need Of Preventative Pest Control

Pest control is a necessary service in so much of Australia due to the abundance of insects, rodents and even small mammals that often try to hide out and leech off of your home's resources. Some of them just want a dry place to sleep, while others are more insidious and will actively damage your home. In any case, it is always best to get rid of them as soon as possible. They can be dangerous either directly, through sharp claws, teeth and venom, or they can carry diseases that will hurt you later. Here are three signs that your home needs preventative pest control measures before this becomes a huge issue for you.

Termite Presence

It is always a good idea to keep a watchful eye on the presence of termites in your area. Local news bulletins will often provide information on termite plagues in the area, and if not, then asking your neighbours and keeping in touch with surrounding properties is a good way to stay informed. If you find out termites are in your geographical area, it is vital you contact pest control agents to come and install preventative measures to stop them from affecting your property. From special poisonous borders that only affect termites to termite traps and baits, there are a range of ways you can stop these insects from destroying your home before they ever get close enough to taste it.

Seasonal Changes

As seasons change it is not uncommon for different pests to become more of a problem than others, which you need to keep tabs on. For example, snakes and spiders will often become more active in the summer months, and often move into cooler areas, such as the foundations of your home. Alternatively, in winter, possums and rats will look for warmth in your walls and attic. Before each major seasonal shift, it is prudent to talk to a pest control contractor to see what they recommend you upgrade to keep your home safe in the next season. 


The older your home is, the less likely it is to have modern protections against common pests. For instance, older homes very likely will have wooden fixtures directly touching the earth, rather than metal varieties. This allows termites to get direct access to the wood, rather than being put off by the metal trim. The older your home is, the more important it is that you get a full diagnosis from a pest management service to see what the major weak points are. You only have to do this once, and the sooner you do, the better prepared you will be in the future, so do not try and avoid it for long!

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