What to do if you see flying termites in your yard

Have you seen flying termites swarming in your yard? Then you may be worried about what that means for you and your home. Unfortunately, the presence of flying termites means that there is a mature termite colony nearby. And the last thing a homeowner wants to hear is that there could be termites on their property.

If you see flying termites on your property, you need to take the following steps to avoid a potential infestation.

Check your property to see where the swarmers are coming from

The biggest risk to your property is subterranean termites. These termites attack from underground and can go unnoticed for years. The biggest clue that you have a termite colony on your property is winged termites.

If you see winged termites, scour your property to find out where they are emerging. Check old tree stumps, the soil, woodpiles and anything made of wood.

Check your yard for rotting wood

Even if you don't find out where the termites are coming from, you still need to be cautious. The termites are obviously emerging from a nearby location. So, make sure you are not inadvertently supplying termites with a source of rotting wood. Check all wood that is in contact with the soil since termites can enter wood from below and eat it from the inside out.

If you do find wood that isn't yet infested, remove that wood from your yard. Termite swarmers build new colonies near sources of wood, and termite foragers seek out wood.  

Check the perimeter of your home for termites

Termite colonies can consist of one main colony with multiple subcolonies spread out over a wide area. Even if you can't find the presence of termites in your yard, check your home's walls, siding, foundation and windows and doors for termite mud tunnels and wood damage.

Call a pest controller

Termite swarmers always emerge from mature colonies. So, even if you can't find any evidence of termites on your property, consider hiring a termite control service to check for their presence. A pest controller can advise you on how to protect your home against termites. They can also eradicate termite colonies before they severely damage your home.

Subterranean termites are a risk because they can attack without your knowledge. But the presence of flying termites gives you a chance to identify nearby termite risks and do something about them. If you see termite swarmers on your property, enlist the aid of a pest controller before the termites can spread any further. Reach out to a local professional who provides termite control to learn more. 

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