3 Signs That Your House Requires Immediate Termite Treatment

In Australia, termites mostly invade houses in spring. However, depending on the temperatures in your home, termites may invade your home at any time of the year. Therefore, you should inspect your house regularly to ensure that the pests do not invade and destroy your property without your knowledge. However, termite presence is not easily noticeable because they are good at hiding. To notice them, you have to be more vigilant by looking out for the following signs that indicate that you have a termite infestation in your house.

1. Scattered Wings in Different Parts of Your House

If there are scattered small insect wings in different rooms of your house, you might be having a termite infestation in your home. Winged termites shed their wings at some point in their transition. And as they move out of their home to a new colony, they drop their wings during the process because they don't require them in the next stage of life.

Termites will mostly live in areas with a lot of light. So, if you notice insect wings around the regions with a lot of light in your house, termites might have already gained entry into your home. By the time you see the wings, the termites could have destroyed a significant percentage of your property. So, it would help if you acted swiftly by hiring an expert to remove them before they cause any more destruction.   

2. Mud Tubes Around Your House

Termites do everything possible to hide as they move around. So, they construct mud tubes to enable them to move in different directions without being seen. Termites also use the tubes to allow them to survive because they retain moisture.

Mud tubes around your home indicate that there are termites in your home. It would also help if you had immediate termite treatment to get rid of these unwanted guests before they may destroy your property further.

3. Presence of Termites Inside or Outside Your House

The presence of a single termite inside or outside your house should be enough reason for immediate termite treatment in your home. The termites in your home might have built their nests inside or outside your house, or in both areas. In either case, immediate removal might be the best solution to prevent the destruction of your property.

Therefore, if you spot even a single termite flying inside or outside your house, hire an expert for immediate termite treatment before the termites cause a wave of destruction around your home.

All the signs above call for immediate termite removal because they indicate that termites have already invaded your home. When you notice any of them, hire a professional to remove the pests in your home before destroying your property.

For more information, contact a termite control service.

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