Ways to Tackle Termites When They Attack Your Property

As one of the pests that people dread the most, termites have the potential to cause a lot of damage. Some of the commonest signs that you have an infection include seeing them flying around, finding burrows in the soil around your home and experiencing burrows in the wood in your home.

Fortunately, there are ways you can tackle termites. If you don't have any experience in doing so, it's time to learn more.

Set Termite Traps

One of the simplest DIY termite treatments involves setting a termite trap. Termite traps are like small stations that you place above ground outside your home. They contain termite bait, so the termites naturally gravitate towards them. 

The bait in each trap also features a poisonous substance that will kill the termites off. Such traps are at their most effective when you suspect termites are present outside your home, but they haven't invaded the inside yet.

Different Insecticides

There are lots of termite insecticides out there, but the one you use will depend on where the creatures are. For example, the insecticides that are appropriate for wood may not work well in soil environments.

In addition to choosing an insecticide that's specific to their environment, focus on the method of application. Foam and liquid insecticides may work well in easy to reach places. However, if you're struggling to reach the insects, look at dust versions instead.

Using Vinegar

Some people prefer to use vinegar as a termite treatment. It can be used to tackle areas of wood and you can burrow it into areas of soil. One of the rationales behind using vinegar rather than a chemical insecticide is that it's less likely to harm pets.

If you do use vinegar, make sure you monitor the area regularly for repeat infestations. Should you find that it doesn't work, you may want to try a stronger treatment instead.

Professional Methods

Sometimes at-home termite treatments aren't enough to rid you of your pesky guests. When that's the case, you'll need to turn to a team of professionals instead.

Professional termite treatments are usually more intense and accurately targeted. As a result, they could work faster and you may find that the effects last longer. Professional pest control teams are less likely to miss areas too.

No matter how you treat your termites, make sure you engage in preventative measures too. With a balanced approach, you can avoid repeat infestations and keep your home safe.

For more information, contact a termite treatment service.

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