Keeping Common Pests at Bay in Your Office

When you're trying to maintain a clean office environment, finding that you have an influx of pests soon makes your life harder. Although using a commercial pest control company is an option, it's a good idea to focus on prevention too. With a few simple tips, you can keep common pests at bay in your office.

Tackle Spillages

If your employees tend to bring drinks to their desks, make sure they tackle spillages immediately. Whether it's a bit of coffee or an entire can of something sugary, they need to tackle each one before it causes a problem.

Similarly, your employees should free their desks from crumbs each time they have something to eat there. Creatures such as ants, rats and mice all love to feast on leftover morsels of food. By denying them their sustenance, you reduce the likelihood of them infiltrating your office. 

Clean the Kitchen

Giving your employees somewhere to store and prepare food is often central to workplace harmony. At the same time, it introduces a new way for pests to make their mark.

Encourage employees to clean up immediately after using the kitchen. Make sure you provide them with tools for doing so as well. For example, if it's unlikely they'll be able to clean their dishes immediately, provide a dishwasher instead.

Monitor Plants

Adding plants to your office comes with lots of health benefits. For example, they can boost your mood and some purify the air. But some plants attract more pests than others, which means you need to be careful with what you choose.

You should also monitor your plants for signs of rot and fungus. Although not all can develop spores that could spread elsewhere, some will increase your risk of experiencing mould too.

Clear the Garbage

Like most business owners, you're probably more than familiar with the amount of rubbish your employees can produce. In addition to disposing of waste, you need to recycle. Unfortunately, both types of bins can act as a beacon to pests.

Always make sure you never overfill your garbage containers. If you find that they're overflowing by the time you reach collection day, you may need bigger bins. Or, you could introduce waste reduction policies to your organisation.

If you find that the worst does happen despite your best efforts, use a commercial pest control service like Blake's Pest Management. In addition to removing your pests, the right pest controller will provide you with specialist advice on preventing them.

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