Determining The Landlord And Tenant Responsibilities For Pest Control

Living in a rental property gives you a home you love without the hassle of homeownership, but as a first-time renter, it is important you consider your and your landlord's responsibilities when it comes to pest control. Without regular pest control, you open up your home to a bevy of creepy crawlies, so whose responsibility is it to pay for the pest control? These tips help you determine that answer.

Check Your Lease

The rental laws in each state are different, but overall, there is no single regulation that determines who is responsible for the cost of pest control. Therefore, the first place to check is your lease. If there is an expectation for annual pest control to be done, the cost of this process is spelled out in the lease agreement. Most leases dictate that pest control is required when exiting the property, but if there is no such clause in the lease covering the tenancy period, then it is time to consider the Residential Tenancies Act.

Residential Tenancies Act

Each state and territory has its version of the Residential Tenancies Act. As previously advised, pest control cost is not listed or regulated, but it is stated in all acts that it is the responsibility of the tenant to keep the premises clean and in good condition. It is argued by many landlords and property managers, therefore, that it is the tenant's responsibility to cover the cost of pest control as part of keeping the property in good condition. In saying that, contacting your local pest control company for a quote and then approaching the landlord to pay all or half is always worth a try.

Exceptions To The Rule

There are times when a tenant can argue that the landlord is responsible for the cost of the pest control. One of these times is if there was evidence of pests such as rodents, wasps or cockroaches at the time you moved into the property. However, to argue this point, you must have noted evidence of the pests on your move-in entry condition report.

In most instances, the cost of pest control falls on the tenant at the end of the day, and therefore you must contact the pest control company to arrange for an annual inspection and control process to be done. You do not want cockroaches, rodents or other creatures running through your home and your belongings, so take the time to contact your local pest control company and get a quote so that your home is always pest free.

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